Andrea Reno

ANDREA ALVEREZ RENO was born in Honduras, Central America, where she started as a self-taught cake artist. Immediately upon graduating college with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Industrial Administration, she opened her first cake studio. Four years into the business she sought professional training which led her to obtain a Certification in Cake Designing with the world-renowned “The French Pastry School” here in Chicago, where she studied under some of the biggest names in the industry.

A year later Andrea got engaged and moved to the US permanently. In Chicago, she has worked as Lead Cake Artist in two of the most prestigious cake studios in the city.

Lettering as far back as she can remember, after finding a book in her Honduras university’s bookstore, Andrea also began self-study in calligraphy. After moving to the US, she immediately started taking professional classes with some of the most well-known calligraphers (David Grimes, Yves Leterme, Harvest Crittenden, John Stevens, John Decollibus, Elmo Van-Slingerland, and Mike Gold, to name a few) and started expanding her knowledge of letters and discovering new interests like Illumination, Engrossing, and Illustration.

Today Andrea owns “Andrea Reno Calligraphy & Cakes” and serves the Wedding and Event Industry with confections and calligraphed paper goods while also creating other facets of the business including calligraphy commissions and illustrations. www.andreareno.com