Call for Submissions – Issue 1

We welcome submissions, not already published online or in print,  related to “ridiculously good-looking letters” and illustrations, such as:

  1. Articles related to the business of calligraphy and hand lettering
  2. Studio tours – show us your creative space!
  3. Tutorials – lettering, illustrations, tips & tricks (videos & downloadable worksheets available are a plus!)
  4. Behind-the-scenes process of how you created your artwork step-by-step, including your thoughts and decisions as you worked through your design
  5. Lesson excerpts from a class you are teaching
  6. Reviews about a workshop you attended as a student
  7. Photos of your work for our Reader Gallery
  8. Creative work related to the issue’s theme

To submit your work for consideration in an upcoming issue, please visit our Submissions form!