Issue 1 - Flourishing on Social Media

  • Over 100 pages of content!
  • The amazing creativity of Dionne Christiansen (@nibandpixel)
  • Kathy Milici’s Stunning Flourished Ukulele with Mama Milici’s Secret Sauce Recipe!
  • Aileen Fretz’s (@plumecalligraphy) Instagram Styling Secrets
  • How to Host an In-Store Calligraphy Event
  • How Much Should I Practice
  • Am I Ready to Teach?
  • The In’s and Out’s of Styled Shoots
  • A Video Tour of Erica McPhee’s Studio
  • Ashley Bush Pen Maker Feature
  • Suzanne Cunningham’s Baby Certificate How-To
  • Inside Schin Loong’s new Calligraphic Drawing Book
  • Tutorials: Pointed Pen Mandalas, iPad Lettering, Watercolor Crest, and Foundational Tutorials
  • Calligraphy Gallery 

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