Issue 3 - Brush with excellence

Brush lettering is the perfect way to start learning calligraphy! Brush markers are inexpensive and easy to find, they aren’t as fussy as inks and metal nibs, and you can easily carry brush markers with you to practice on the go.

Brush lettering styles range from elegant scripts to fun and funky letters, and can be used to create pretty headings for your planner pages, eye-catching cards and envelopes, and playful place cards.

Issue 3 showcases calligraphers and lettering artists who skillfully design brush-lettered alphabets and artistic compositions and also teach these skills both online and through in-person workshops.

  • Over 100 pages of content!
  • Cover Artist – meet Alisse Courter and learn how she developed her unique lettering style
  • Tutorials – learn to design a floral alphabet and blend watercolor markers to create colorful show-stopping letters
  • Tips – find out 10 tips for beginning brush letterers, advice for left-handers, and how the top brush pens compare
  • Insider Info – what’s the best paper for brush lettering, which pens work on acrylic and mirrors, how to emboss letters, & more
  • Biz Success – find out how Peggy Dean, Selena Ashley, and Kestrel Montes built their flourishing calligraphy businesses
  • Crayligaphy – Colin Tierney shares the back story of his wildly popular lettering style, and how the Crayligraphy movement has morphed into a thriving community of lettering artists! 

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