Dave Smith

David Smith

David Smith is a traditional ornamental glass artist, typographer and designer based in Torquay, England. His career in sign-writing began in 1984, when he was apprenticed at age 16 for five years with Gordon Farr and two associates. Dave became an accomplished draftsman, accurate letter painter and talented pictorialist. In 1992, Dave set up his own sign business in Torquay dealing with every aspect of the sign trade from vehicle graphics to 3D installations but always with his own stamp of unique design and pristine execution. In the same year, on a visit to New Zealand, he met Rick Glawson and his crew of the famous “Fine Gold Sign Company.” They further fueled Dave’s passion for creating elaborate, ornate mirrors and reverse glass signs of distinction. At the peak of “his sign company” success, Dave sold the business, so as to concentrate more fully on gilding, painting & acid-etching glass, adding brilliant cutting, so that he could fully replicate the Victorian glass work he admires so much. From home in Torquay, Devon, UK, he continues his quest to uncover and share even more knowledge of the processes involved before it becomes a lost art. davidadriansmith.com