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Dionne Christiansen

Dionne is an Australian native based in Houston, Texas. She is a wife and a mother of two, and pretty much lives and breathes anything design-related. She has a double bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Graphic Design and has always had a slight addiction to all things paper (and also the three C’s of Coffee, Chocolate and Cheese). Dionne’s graphic design journey began after college when she moved to Los Angeles, California and got her first “big girl job” working as an in-house designer for a specialty print-house. While living in L.A. she met a cool guy who ended up giving her a ring, and they moved to Houston where she began freelance designing for clients part-time and working as a wedding planner the rest of the time. Then in January 2013, Dionne and her husband welcomed their little bean boy Dylan to the world and that’s when she decided to plunge into her passion for design, paper and calligraphy full time. So shortly after Dylan, her company Nib and Pixel was born.