Issue 16 – Festive Calligraphy Tutorials

I‌‌ssue 16 is our first all-tutorials issue! It features 9 projects to use lettering and other crafty talents to make your holidays and other celebrations festive and memorable.

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Gift Tags – Rosalee Anderson and Claudia
Doesn’t everyone want to feel recognized, special, and adored? Calligraphy can be an instrument that conveys and inspires such feelings. With a small investment of time, materials, and thoughtful artistry, personalizing gift tags can expand the heart of the recipient as well as the giver.

Valentine Candy Wrapper – Erica McPhee
Create a decorated chocolate bar wrapper for your special Valentines or Galentines!

Charming Cupcake Flags – Maureen Vickery
Decorate your next batch of cupcakes with adorable silk ribbon flags personalized with your calligraphy! The flags look elegant waving in the breeze, beaconing your guests to have a closer look.

Whimsical Letters Book – Lindsay Ostrom
Lindsay Ostrom’s “26 Days of Letters” accordion book is a riot of color, whimsically-drawn letters and handwritten notes and tags. She shares how to assemble the basic accordion book she used as the foundation for this letters book.

Have Pens Will Dazzle
Calligraphy Crush is now offering live Zoom classes featuring talented instructors whose passion is sharing their knowledge with creatives of all skill levels. We feature teachers who structure their online classes so that students can follow along as they teach, similar to in-person workshops.

Art of Handlettered Hankies – Anne Elser
Anne Elser shows us how to elevate a humble handkerchief from plain to WOW with hand-painted lettering to commemorate special events. She loves painting hankies to give as gifts for weddings, new births, graduations, and anniversaries.

Parallel Pen Bling – Angie Vangalis
What’s an art studio without a little whimsy? Dress up your parallel pen caps with glass beads and charms to bling up these calligraphy tools.

Vintage Style Folio – Laurie Pearson
Inspired by Julie Winter’s “Pocket Folio for Junk Journals” video, Laurie Pearson created her own spin with scanned images from a vintage calligraphy book. The portfolio requires only one sheet of 12″ x 12″ paper to create it.

All Hallow’s Eve Postcard – Erica McPhee
Erica shows how she designed a large, dramatic Halloween-themed postcard to celebrate this fun, spooky fall event.

Fresh & Easy Botanical Place Cards – Lindsey Bugbee
Embrace the Scandinavian custom of adding coziness to a space by bringing the outdoors inside. For this place card project, pretty, clean hand calligraphy serves to complement a sprig of whatever is in season. Each card comes together in just a couple of minutes, and your guests will be utterly charmed!

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Designing Merry & Bright Layouts with a Composition Ruler – Nico Ng
What a wonderful feeling to hang your own hand-lettered art on the walls of your home. This “Merry and Bright” project is perfect for those who love to redecorate their space with holiday-themed wall art or create hand-lettered gifts for their loved ones.