Calligraphy Crush Issue 9

Issue 9 – The Gift of Calligraphy

Calligraphy is a gift we can give ourselves — it’s calming and meditative to study letterforms and then render beautiful words and flourishes with pen and ink.

Calligraphy is also a gift we can give to others as we embellish cards, gifts, home décor, and party decorations with glorious hand lettering.

To paraphrase calligrapher and instructor Heather Held, we can “put a little flourish on a card  and envelope, then pop it in the mail to put a smile on someone’s face, bring them joy, and show them that we took the time to think about them. It costs us very little yet we and the lucky recipients receive so much out of it.”

The Gift of Calligraphy encourages us to share our calligraphy skills with others and spread love, joy, and peace with this amazing artform.

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GREETING CARD DESIGN & PRINTING – ERICA MCPHEE – The printing method can be an overlooked aspect but it is usually the first decision I make when starting a greeting card design.

HOLIDAY CARD EXCHANGE – The Holiday Card Exchange is one of the most popular activities the Houston Calligraphy Guild hosts each December.

THE SCHRAUBTHALER (COIN BOOK) – LAURIE PEARSON – After reading about a “Schraubthaler” or “Coin Book” I found the perfect project for my guild’s card exchange.

MY HOLIDAY TRADITION: NEW YEAR’S CARDS – JODY MEESE – As a busy mom working full time, getting a greeting into the mail before Christmas was simply not, so to speak, in the cards!

CALLIGRAPHY GIFTS OF LOVE – Order products personalized with your calligraphy to give as gifts.

DESIGNING WORD ART – BRENNA JORDAN – Contemplating words in a quote, then transmitting that meaning to the viewer through lettering and design, is what calligraphy is all about.

PROPER WRITING TECHNIQUE – PAUL ANTONIO – Practicing calligraphy is not just about copying letters until you get them right. To achieve successful lettering faster, you also have to understand proper pen hold, paper position, muscle movement, and posture when practicing.

BOUGHS OF HOLLY HOLIDAY CARD – PHYLLIS MACALUSO – A triangle-fold card is a fun and easy-to-make holiday card that starts with one square piece of paper.

SHIMMERY WATERCOLOR GIFT TAGS – GRACE EDMANDS – Dress up your gifts with colorful gift tags.

MAGICAL POINTED PEN SNOWFLAKES – MAUREEN VICKERY – Drawing snowflakes with pointed pen is a meditative way to practice your flourishing skills while creating beautiful decorations for holiday cards and envelopes.

SHINE BRIGHT WITH HOT FOIL – TRACI THOMPSON – Hot Foil, have you tried it yet? It’s a great technique to add to your repertoire since it adds a little shine and sophistication to whatever it’s applied to.

FLOURISHED REINDEER CARD – MAUREEN VICKERY – Flourished designs add a festive touch to holiday cards, so why not flourish a flying reindeer for the ones on your list?

WORKFLOW TIPS FOR BUSY CALLIGRAPHERS – Business-savvy calligraphers tell us tips for making their workflow more efficient when doing wedding work or custom commissions.

BIZ INTERVIEW – Can you develop a thriving calligraphy business in a small town? Linda Carol Gray, a calligrapher and illustrator whose studio is nestled in the heart of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, proves that you can.

GALLERY OF HOLIDAY INSPIRATION – Heather Held, John DeCollibus, Kathy Milici, Elena Akulova, Gretchen Caldwell, Susan Lui

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