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Marie Hornback

MARIE HORNBACK is a penmanship teacher to grades 3-6 at a Classical Charter School in Fort Collins, Colorado. She has studied pointed pen and engrossing techniques from IAMPETH Master Penmen and broad edge pen from Sheila Waters. Marie has been teaching cursive handwriting since 2013 and private classes and students since 2009. She has attended numerous IAMPETH conferences served as president of IAMPETH for the 2019 convention. Marie, along with IAMPETH Master Penman Michael Sull, is the co-founder of the American Cursive Instructor Certification Program (ACICP) that began in 2015. Marie is also the owner and director of H.M.S. Protocol & Etiquette Training, offering seminars and speaking engagements on Business and Corporate Protocol and Etiquette, Dining Skills, and International Protocol and Etiquette.