Fallman, Monika -headshot

Monika Fällman

Monika Fällman lives in Stockholm, Sweden with her two teenage kids. She holds a Master of Science and Technical Licentiate in Fluid mechanics (which is a halfway doctoral degree in Sweden) and works full time as an engineer. She loves creating things with her hands, especially paper crafts – and calligraphy of course! When she was about 13-14 years old, she was inspired by Italic script and especially the possibility of flourishing the letters. She got her hands on a Speedball textbook and started writing mainly Italics with broad edge nibs. Her specialty now is illuminated letters, and her Instagram feed is a joyful celebration of her passion for lettering and illumination. Monika finds inspiration in history as well as in more modern looking calligraphy and likes combining styles in unexpected ways. The main driving force for her is to constantly try new ideas and approaches and see where it leads her.