Singh Rajan Kumar - Dashaen

Rajan Kumar Singh (Dashaen)

RAJAN KUMAR SINGH aka DASHAEN, is a 22-year-old calligraphy enthusiast from Haryana, India. Over the past few years, he has immersed himself in the scribal arts, undertaking classes from prominent figures in the calligraphy world.

Commencing his journey with modern brush calligraphy, Dashaen initially lacked awareness of the craft’s rules and historical context. A turning point occurred when Dashaen discovered the captivating work of Mr. Christopher Haanes on Instagram. Mesmerized by Mr. Haanes’ writing style, he eagerly enrolled in a Zoom class which he was offering at that time, fundamentally transforming his approach to calligraphy. Christopher Haanes became a significant influence and hero, contributing substantially to Dashaen’s skill development.

Simultaneously, Dashaen sought knowledge through free lectures offered by various calligraphy societies, leading him to Mr. Barry Morentz. Grateful for Mr. Morentz’s guidance, Dashaen reached out for advice on letters, establishing a mentorship that has endured for the past two years.

Online teaching platforms facilitated Dashaen’s exposure to classes by esteemed masters such as Yves Leterme, Elmo Van Slingerland, John Stevens, and Carl Rohrs. Inspired by his mentor Barry Morentz, Dashaen is driven by the pursuit of happiness in creating letterforms at their best. His ultimate goal is to not only refine his own skills but also to share his knowledge as a future calligraphy instructor, imparting the wisdom gained from the remarkable individuals who have shaped his artistic journey.