Terry Hausner, Calligraphy Crush contributor, blond middle aged woman with short hair

Terry Hausner

TERRY HAUSNER is a freelance calligrapher, a graphic designer in Houston. Over the years, she has taught many lettering styles to students of all ages and abilities. As an active member and past officer of the Houston Calligraphy Guild, she has studied with some of the most talented calligraphers across three continents. After beginning her work in the field in the1980s, her skills took a leap forward during the years she attended IAMPETH (International Association of Master Penmen, Engrossers, and Teachers of Handwriting.) It was there she began the journey towards her specialty: the scripted hand for weddings. She gladly works with brides, event planners, and anyone celebrating a special occasion to uncover the perfect way to enhance their event with beautiful, personalized handwriting. While she has seen more than a few changes over her impressive career, nothing has shaken her fervent belief that a beautiful, handwritten note never ceases to delight. The thrill of seeing one’s own name written in beautiful calligraphy is an experience that has become even more special in this high-tech world we live in. To both actively participate in this time-honored art form, and be lucky enough to instruct others on how to keep it alive, have been among the great pleasures of her life.