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Calligraphy Crush Issue 3

Calligraphy Crush offers a unique opportunity for advertisers by presenting both a broad reader demographic and direct market concentration.

Reader Demographic

  1. Calligraphers & Lettering Artists
  2. Designers
  3. Stationers
  4. Brides
  5. Party Planners/Event Coordinators
  6. Young start up art-based entrepreneurs
  7. DIY-ers
  8. Printables Market

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About Calligraphy Crush Magazine

Calligraphy Crush is a digital magazine dedicated to the artistry of modern calligraphy, traditional calligraphy, hand lettering, watercolor illustration, stationery, and all things enhanced with beautiful writing.

Our Story
To inspire, educate, and entertain through stories about artists and entrepreneurs who use their lettering talents to bring joy to others and themselves through beautifully-written words, designs, and illustrations.

Our Mission
Calligraphers * Hand Lettering Artists * Journaling and Planning Addicts * Fountain Pen Enthusiasts * Graphic Designers * Illustrators * Stationers * Scrapbookers * Sign Painters * and other Creatives

Our Readers
Tutorials * Behind the Scenes of Calligraphy Businesses * Tips, Tools & Techniques * iPad Lettering * Dip Pen * Brush Lettering * Watercolor Illustration * Design Process Articles * Calligraphy Gallery & more!​