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Like you, we love the meditative process of dipping pen in ink and hearing the delicate scratch of the nib as we draw graceful letters across the page. We’re overcome with giddiness when we write the perfect capital “M”, try a new sparkly metallic ink, or finally get how to shade our letters so they pop off the page.

Calligraphy Crush Magazine brings together the best teachers and experts who inspire calligraphers to refine their lettering into amazing art to be shared with others and enjoyed as a hobby, side hustle, or full-time business.

Just keeps getting better!

Maureen and team outdo themselves issues after issue! Each issue is a work of art with beautiful pictures, well written stories and so many new tips and tricks. Thank you for continuing to do this labor of love!!


Beautiful photography with amazing content!

Such a beautiful magazine with lots of articles to learn from! Plus it’s amazing to come across videos in the middle of a written article. Technology at your fingertips helping you learn!

-Esme Jonsson

The best!!

This is, Hands Down, the Best Calligraphy Periodical I’ve ever received!!! Each issue has More than 100 pages of Information and Tutorials from some of the Best Calligraphers from around the World!


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The latest issue

Issue 22 – Extravagant Letters

Step into a world where letters transcend their conventional roles, transforming into mesmerizing works of art in this spectacular edition of Extravagant Letters! Discover how historic lettering styles can be reimagined and infused with your own unique flair, empowering you to craft designs that captivate and inspire. Immerse yourself in a showcase of unparalleled creativity as internationally-renowned calligraphers and hand lettering virtuosos unveil their masterpieces. From delicate vine-like embellishments to majestic diamond-shaped flourishes, each stroke exudes elegance and sophistication, inviting you to explore the limitless possibilities of lettering design. Whether you’re a seasoned calligrapher or a budding enthusiast, Extravagant Letters…

The best of the best

Meet our expert contributors

Henrique Valente

Henrique Valente, residing and working in Porto, Portugal, is a Graphic Designer with a deep-rooted passion for letterforms, typography, and type design. His journey into the world of handwritten letters and calligraphy blossomed during his time at art school, where his keen interest in these elements took shape. Over the years, Henrique has nurtured this…

Francisco E. Manuel Sánchez LLuén

Manuel Sánchez Lluén has signed as Smoke since 2013. He is an urban and lyrical artist, I have worked with brands such as Artline, Pilot, Fabriano, Stabilo and I have collaborated with Winsor & Newton. I have also participated in national and international events (MOS Brazil and Road Paint Ecuador) painting calligrams in large formats.…

Avinash Kharat

Avinash Kharat worked for eight years as a Professor in Engineering college before deciding to go full-time with calligraphy. He practiced his favorite scripts in depth and soon his days and nights were fully occupied with producing beautifully expressing thick and thin strokes. It has been 15 years since he began his professional calligraphy career.…

Shane Huss

Shane Huss is a globally recognized calligraphy artist known for his expertise in blackletter scripts. As a self-taught artist, he has garnered international acclaim through his mastery of various mediums to showcase his intricate lettering. Huss’s portfolio boasts a diverse array of commissioned murals and design projects for esteemed clients across the world.

Kei Han Goodman

Kei Han Goodman has been a professional calligrapher for 17 years, providing elevated script design and calligraphy to luxury wedding planners and stationers all over the world. Based out of Cincinnati, Ohio, she provides both traditional and modern calligraphy and enjoys studying historic and contemporary letterforms for inspiration in designing custom scripts for her projects…

Filip Ciślak

Filip is a graphic designer, letter artist, and calligrapher from Katowice, Poland. He also serves as an academic teacher at the Graphic Design Department of the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, where he earned his Ph.D. in 2022. His doctoral research centered on developing methodologies and visual systems for teaching calligraphy to graphic design…

Emmanuel Buron

Emmanuel Buron, a Ladner resident from DR Congo, ignited his passion for calligraphy at age 12 by showcasing his remarkable handwriting on classmates’ blackboards. Before moving to Canada, he explored diverse professions, including hairdressing, fashion, and graphic design. Upon receiving an iPad in 2018, Emmanuel delved into calligraphy, initially facing criticism but persisting with inspiration…

Anindita Biswas

Anindita Biswas is an Indian Calligrapher based in Pune. She discovered her passion for calligraphy 3 years ago and found her artistic calling in the intricacies of Text and Bird Flourishing, Penmanship, as well as Illumination & Gilding. Despite being a newcomer in the field, Anindita was fortunate to have her work continuously featured by IAMPETH, Calligraphy Masters, and The…

Milenist Balbuzanov

Milenist Balbuzanov from Lozenets, Sofia City, Bulgaria, is the founder of Calligraphy Masters, a global community dedicated to the art of calligraphy. His vision for creating a platform that unites calligraphers from around the world has significantly contributed to the contemporary calligraphy scene. Balbuzanov’s work with Calligraphy Masters involves curating content, organizing events, and fostering…

Loredana Zega

Loredana Zega, a Slovenian calligrapher, has nurtured her passion for calligraphy for over 26 years, inspired by her family’s tradition of receiving beautifully calligraphed greeting cards. Her journey began with self-study after she acquired her first calligraphy pen. Striving for perfection, Loredana meticulously practiced using templates and fonts, honing her skills through dedication and self-discipline.…