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Like you, we love the meditative process of dipping pen in ink and hearing the delicate scratch of the nib as we draw graceful letters across the page. We’re overcome with giddiness when we write the perfect capital “M”, try a new sparkly metallic ink, or finally get how to shade our letters so they pop off the page.

Calligraphy Crush Magazine brings together the best teachers and experts who inspire calligraphers to refine their lettering into amazing art to be shared with others and enjoyed as a hobby, side hustle, or full-time business.

Just keeps getting better!

Maureen and team outdo themselves issues after issue! Each issue is a work of art with beautiful pictures, well written stories and so many new tips and tricks. Thank you for continuing to do this labor of love!!


Beautiful photography with amazing content!

Such a beautiful magazine with lots of articles to learn from! Plus it’s amazing to come across videos in the middle of a written article. Technology at your fingertips helping you learn!

-Esme Jonsson

The best!!

This is, Hands Down, the Best Calligraphy Periodical I’ve ever received!!! Each issue has More than 100 pages of Information and Tutorials from some of the Best Calligraphers from around the World!


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The latest issue

Issue 21 – Ink Inspirations

Let your creativity flow with the perfect ink! Ink Inspirations provides valuable insights into different types of inks to use with dip pens and what characteristics to consider when selecting an ink for your particular project. Say goodbye to confusion and hello to confidence in every stroke! Meet Cover Artist Belinda Chim H‌‌er innate attraction to beautiful lettering sparked Belinda Chim’s journey into the world of calligraphy. At a young age her love for calligraphy blossomed as she delved into the art, finding it to be therapeutic and absorbing — an experience that she could get lost in. Dip Pen…

The best of the best

Meet our expert contributors

Monica Winters

MONICA WINTERS, a teacher of Art History, Art and English, retired after 30 years to expand her artistic endeavors. She first earned a Masters Degree in Art History, and then joined a local calligraphy guild to see what more she could learn about writing styles. Monica had no idea there was so much to learn…

Dr. Krista Sue-Lo Twu

DR. KRISTA SUE-LO TWU is an associate professor of Medieval & Renaissance Literature and Head of the Department of English, Linguistics & Writing Studies, at the University of Minnesota Duluth. Their research interests include Medieval Literature in Middle English and Latin, Religious Law and Literature, Chaucer, Boethius, Paleography and Codicology. They are also an expert…

Rajan Kumar Singh (Dashaen)

RAJAN KUMAR SINGH aka DASHAEN, is a 22-year-old calligraphy enthusiast from Haryana, India. Over the past few years, he has immersed himself in the scribal arts, undertaking classes from prominent figures in the calligraphy world. Commencing his journey with modern brush calligraphy, Dashaen initially lacked awareness of the craft’s rules and historical context. A turning point…

Barry Morentz

BARRY MORENTZ was motivated by his love for language and handwriting to study calligraphy. After 45 years he remains fascinated and challenged by the power and beauty of letterforms to dramatically convey the emotional power of a text. Shakespeare, Danté, and the music of Brahms, Elgar, Verdi and Wagner continually inspire his calligraphic interpretations.In his…

Gemma Black

G E M M A  is a calligrapher and text designer based in ngunnawal country Canberra, the seat of Australia’s National Parliament. Starting out small here in Australia and with a thirst for life long learning, she has travelled, studied and taught all over the world for the past thirty-seven years. Gemma enjoys productive studio…

Yukimi Annand

YUKIMI ANNAND is a calligrapher, lettering and book artist based in the South Bay area of Los Angeles, California. She was born in a small town in Boso peninsula, Japan. Her parents were flower farmers and she grew up with an appreciation of the beauty of nature and a respect for its power. After high…

Joanna Muñoz

Joanna Muñoz, aka Wink & Wonder, is a hand lettering artist and illustrator based in Los Angeles, CA. Best known for her unique blend of whimsical letterforms, rainbow color palettes, and uplifting messages, Joanna aims to spread joy through her work, awakening that childlike sense of wonder in all of us. Over the years, Joanna…

Teela Cunningham

Teela Cunningham helps creatives build and monetize their digital skills through the art education site, Every Tuesday, which she runs alongside her web developer husband, Spencer. Offering hundreds of step by step tutorials and a library of digital assets and online courses, they aim to make digital art achievable for everyone. Now in their business’s…

Megan Wells

Megan Wells is an artist, author and art instructor living in South Florida. She founded her company, Makewells, in 2012, and since then has written four instructional books including Creative Bible Journaling: Artistic Tips and Techniques to Express Your Faith and created 17 online courses. Megan has worked with major companies such as Harper Collins,…

Christen Turney

Christen Allocco Turney was hooked on calligraphy from the moment the tines of her pointed pen nib split, and has never looked back. Christen is an amateur baker, winter enthusiast and Jersey girl at heart. She lives in southeastern Virginia with her husband and their sweet pit bull, Niko. She is a member of the…

Our editor-in-chief

About Maureen Vickery

I’m Maureen Vickery, a professional calligrapher and the publisher and editor of Calligraphy Crush. I’ve formed life-long friendships with teachers and fellow students I’ve met at calligraphy workshops and conferences, guild meetings, and on social media. I love our calligraphy community! Many of these amazing artists have generously offered their insight and expertise to Calligraphy Crush readers.

I want you to get to know these mah-velous calligraphers plus many more who are also passionate about sharing their knowledge with fellow creatives.

Maureen Vickery