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Like you, we love the meditative process of dipping pen in ink and hearing the delicate scratch of the nib as we draw graceful letters across the page. We’re overcome with giddiness when we write the perfect capital “M”, try a new sparkly metallic ink, or finally get how to shade our letters so they pop off the page.

Calligraphy Crush Magazine brings together the best teachers and experts who inspire calligraphers to refine their lettering into amazing art to be shared with others and enjoyed as a hobby, side hustle, or full-time business.

Just keeps getting better!

Maureen and team outdo themselves issues after issue! Each issue is a work of art with beautiful pictures, well written stories and so many new tips and tricks. Thank you for continuing to do this labor of love!!


Beautiful photography with amazing content!

Such a beautiful magazine with lots of articles to learn from! Plus it’s amazing to come across videos in the middle of a written article. Technology at your fingertips helping you learn!

-Esme Jonsson

The best!!

This is, Hands Down, the Best Calligraphy Periodical I’ve ever received!!! Each issue has More than 100 pages of Information and Tutorials from some of the Best Calligraphers from around the World!


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Issue 18 – Watercolor Wonders

Watercolor Wonders explores how calligraphers use watercolors for lettering and illustration. Meet Our Cover Artist – Allison McCallahanAllison McClanahan is sought after by wedding clients for her whimsical style of combining cheerful watercolor illustrations with traditional calligraphy. Having only started her artistic endeavors about five years ago, she now runs a booming invitation business from her serene and spacious studio in Utah. Fraktur Folk Art – Donna Selfridge SpanglerFraktur, a Pennsylvania German folk art from the 1750s, began as a beautiful artistic way for families to record special events, such as births and weddings. Fraktur Exemplar – Tamer GhoneimFraktur is…

The best of the best

Meet our expert contributors

Rachel Tieken

Rachel Tieken is an artist and calligrapher who works primarily in the events industry, creating stunning paper goods and details for weddings, parties, and corporate events. Rachel highly values the hand-made parts of the design process: the intricate painting, calligraphy, and drawings. Combining this original artwork with intentional details, she gives each event and project…

Donna Selfridge Spangler

Donna Selfridge Spangler has lived most of her life surrounded by the beauty of the central Pennsylvania mountains and the heritage of the Pennsylvania German culture. It is easy to understand why the traditional Fraktur designs—flowers, birds, vines, and hearts—and the flowing letters of calligraphy have become so much a part of her life and…

Allison McClanahan

Allison McClanahan has grown up all over the United States (her dad was in the Air Force). She spent the majority of her childhood in Alaska, which instilled the love of nature, travel, and art (she loves painting landscapes, flora, and fauna!). Allison currently Iives in the mountains of Utah, and when she’s not creating…

Sally King McBride

Sally King McBride is a watercolor artist and Founder of The Letter Nest. Following over a decade working at The Met, Sally traded her curatorial aspirations for entrepreneurship, launching The Letter in 2019 with an aim to educate and delight through the connection of letter and image. Her 15 Alphabet themes range from Woodland to…

Jessie Kate Gibbons

Jessie Kate Gibbons is an illustrator, watercolor artist, and the owner of Papergarten, a wedding identity and paper goods studio based in Dallas, Texas. Papergarten began five years ago when a family member asked Jessie if she designed wedding invitations. One graduate women-in-entrepreneurship class later, Jessie had started a company that allowed her to channel her…

Connie Furgason

Connie Furgason was raised on a farm in Southern Alberta where her love of nature and the vastness of the prairie is expressed in her work. Her mother was an accomplished artist, gardener and creative soul. She grew up with the scent of turpentine as her mother painted long into the night after she and…

Lexi DeConti

Lexi DeConti is a watercolor artist and calligrapher based outside of Boston, Massachusetts. Lexi works primarily in the wedding space, creating whimsical keepsake invitation suites full of custom elements representing couples lives, love stories, and wedding venues. When she’s not painting, Lexi loves to travel, work on needlepoint projects, and hang out with family, friends,…

Debbie Wong

Debbie Wong is an artist who offers calligraphy, engraving and painting services based in Calgary, Canada. She started her calligraphy journey in 2016 to design a bespoke wedding invitation for her sister. Soon after picking up a calligraphy pen, she quickly became interested to learn other scripts from renowned teachers at workshops and conferences. Debbie…

Bernice van Overbeek

Bernice van Overbeek is a Dutch calligrapher but most of all mom of three. She’s a former psychologist specializing in autism, but had to stop her practice due to chronic illness in 2012. Being homebound she went in search of a new hobby. Through Instagram she discovered pointed pen calligraphy in 2018 and didn’t stop…

Rob Tanniru

Rob Tanniru is the artist behind the Write Words – Make Magic social media channels. He has been creating ambigrams non-stop for over three years and has found a true passion in this unique blend of art and science. He is a software developer by trade, and enjoys spending time with his two kids and…

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About Maureen Vickery

I’m Maureen Vickery, a professional calligrapher and the publisher and editor of Calligraphy Crush. I’ve formed life-long friendships with teachers and fellow students I’ve met at calligraphy workshops and conferences, guild meetings, and on social media. I love our calligraphy community! Many of these amazing artists have generously offered their insight and expertise to Calligraphy Crush readers.

I want you to get to know these mah-velous calligraphers plus many more who are also passionate about sharing their knowledge with fellow creatives.

Maureen Vickery