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Like you, we love the meditative process of dipping pen in ink and hearing the delicate scratch of the nib as we draw graceful letters across the page. We’re overcome with giddiness when we write the perfect capital “M”, try a new sparkly metallic ink, or finally get how to shade our letters so they pop off the page.

Calligraphy Crush Magazine brings together the best teachers and experts who inspire calligraphers to refine their lettering into amazing art to be shared with others and enjoyed as a hobby, side hustle, or full-time business.

Just keeps getting better!

Maureen and team outdo themselves issues after issue! Each issue is a work of art with beautiful pictures, well written stories and so many new tips and tricks. Thank you for continuing to do this labor of love!!


Beautiful photography with amazing content!

Such a beautiful magazine with lots of articles to learn from! Plus it’s amazing to come across videos in the middle of a written article. Technology at your fingertips helping you learn!

-Esme Jonsson

The best!!

This is, Hands Down, the Best Calligraphy Periodical I’ve ever received!!! Each issue has More than 100 pages of Information and Tutorials from some of the Best Calligraphers from around the World!


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The latest issue

Issue 16 – Festive Calligraphy Tutorials

I‌‌ssue 16 is our first all-tutorials issue! It features 9 projects to use lettering and other crafty talents to make your holidays and other celebrations festive and memorable. Gift Tags – Rosalee Anderson and ClaudiaDoesn’t everyone want to feel recognized, special, and adored? Calligraphy can be an instrument that conveys and inspires such feelings. With a small investment of time, materials, and thoughtful artistry, personalizing gift tags can expand the heart of the recipient as well as the giver. Valentine Candy Wrapper – Erica McPheeCreate a decorated chocolate bar wrapper for your special Valentines or Galentines! Charming Cupcake Flags –…

The best of the best

Meet our expert contributors

Angie Vangalis

ANGIE VANGALIS is a calligrapher and graphic designer living in Coppell, Texas. She designed and produced the Centennial (24th) Edition of the Speedball Textbook, and has directed three Legacies international calligraphy conferences. She is president of the Texas Lettering Arts Council (TXLAC), an organization lead and run by volunteers who believe in the mission of…

Claudia Ricci

Claudia Ricci’s love for lettering and drawing began in 5th grade, when a Speedball set from her aunt opened up new ways of communication. Thereafter, all projects had decorated cover pages carefully done in India ink with crow quill and C-series nibs. Her propensity for illustration increased with signage and advertising jobs. A retired English…

Lindsay Ostrom

Lindsay Ostrom lives in the mountains of Northern California with her husband and their crazy dog Charley. She works full time doing art, running an Etsy shop, managing several arts and crafts Facebook groups, and taking care of her elderly mom. She and her mom had worked together for thirty-two years at her retail store,…

Nico Ng

Nico Ng is a lettering artist and designer from Manila, Philippines. His lettering journey started in 2014 and since then, he has worked with global brands, conducted talks and workshops on the international stage, and has sold thousands of his lettering rulers worldwide. Nico is passionate about challenging himself and other artists to push the…

Andrew van der Merwe

Andrew van der Merwe is a professional calligrapher and letter artist. The scope of his work ranges from traditional illuminated addresses to commercial lettering, and from calligraphic art to period movie props – anything that involves skilled writing. His clients include some of the country’s top design agencies, Parliament, and the City of Cape Town,…

Telisa Roessein

Telisa Roessein is a calligrapher, illustrator and engraver from Toronto, Canada. She focuses on personalization on any surface. She has partnered with major brands such as Holt Renfrew, Gucci, Guerlain, and Jo Malone London, just to name a few. Based on her extensive experience in live engraving events, she is also an engraving educator where…

Jan Pickett

Since childhood, Jan PickeTt’s whole life has been a love affair with all forms of art, especially anything involving brushes and pens. Having originally studied graphics, she works full time as professional calligrapher, lettering artist and illustrator, and enjoys creating exuberantly colourful and fun decorated lettering as well as preparing more serious and formal calligraphic…

Marjan Peeters

Marjan Peeters comes from Belfeld, a small village in the south of the Netherlands. She is a teacher, married, and a mom to three daughters. Her lettering journey started in the summer of 2017 with a pen and a piece of paper. She loves to write on chalkboards, murals, windows, mugs, plates, and of course…

Betty Ling

Betty Ling offers professional calligraphy and lettering services for weddings, corporate events, luxury brands, and personal commissions. She loves making words dance and come to life with her fresh and unique lettering styles. She is skilled in artistically writing modern, traditional, and flourished calligraphy scripts. Based in Los Angeles, Betty works with local and global…

Cecelia Harris

Cecelia Harris is a calligrapher and lettering designer living in Colorado Springs with her husband. Most of her professional career was with her business, Wordsworth, where she designed and sold rubber stamps and scrapbooking supplies and with Provo Craft. Her designs with Provo Craft were seen on the Sizzix machine, Cuttlebug machine, and most notably…

Our editor-in-chief

About Maureen Vickery

I’m Maureen Vickery, a professional calligrapher and the publisher and editor of Calligraphy Crush. I’ve formed life-long friendships with teachers and fellow students I’ve met at calligraphy workshops and conferences, guild meetings, and on social media. I love our calligraphy community! Many of these amazing artists have generously offered their insight and expertise to Calligraphy Crush readers.

I want you to get to know these mah-velous calligraphers plus many more who are also passionate about sharing their knowledge with fellow creatives.

Maureen Vickery