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Like you, we love the meditative process of dipping pen in ink and hearing the delicate scratch of the nib as we draw graceful letters across the page. We’re overcome with giddiness when we write the perfect capital “M”, try a new sparkly metallic ink, or finally get how to shade our letters so they pop off the page.

Calligraphy Crush Magazine brings together the best teachers and experts who inspire calligraphers to refine their lettering into amazing art to be shared with others and enjoyed as a hobby, side hustle, or full-time business.

Just keeps getting better!

Maureen and team outdo themselves issues after issue! Each issue is a work of art with beautiful pictures, well written stories and so many new tips and tricks. Thank you for continuing to do this labor of love!!


Beautiful photography with amazing content!

Such a beautiful magazine with lots of articles to learn from! Plus it’s amazing to come across videos in the middle of a written article. Technology at your fingertips helping you learn!

-Esme Jonsson

The best!!

This is, Hands Down, the Best Calligraphy Periodical I’ve ever received!!! Each issue has More than 100 pages of Information and Tutorials from some of the Best Calligraphers from around the World!


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The latest issue

Issue 12 – Rock Your Handwriting

Beautiful penmanship is universally admired and a worthwhile accomplishment at any age. You’ll find handwriting styles to inspire you, ideas for making penmanship an enjoyable daily habit, and tips on teaching handwriting to children. Meet our Cover Artist – Anne ElserA‌nne Elser’s unique lettering style combines her love ‌of cursive handwriting, pointed pen, florals, and flourishing into what she terms decorative lettering. American Cursive Handwriting – An Interview with Marie HornbackMarie Hornback is a certified American Cursive instructor who teaches handwriting to third through sixth graders at a classical elementary academy in Fort Collins, Colorado. I asked her about her…

The best of the best

Meet our expert contributors

Susan Lui

SUSAN LUI is from Singapore and has been practising and teaching calligraphy for several years. She particularly enjoys calligraphy in traditional scripts such as Copperplate, Spencerian, Italic, Uncial, Gothicized Italic, and more. She enjoys learning new scripts and techniques and combining different script styles into a single artwork. Susan also enjoys delving into the medieval…

Terry Hausner

TERRY HAUSNER is a freelance calligrapher, a graphic designer in Houston. Over the years, she has taught many lettering styles to students of all ages and abilities. As an active member and past officer of the Houston Calligraphy Guild, she has studied with some of the most talented calligraphers across three continents. After beginning her…

Shinah Chang

SHINAH CHANG is a whiskey-loving, curse-word slinging, Harvard-trained former corporate attorney who left everything behind to find her passion. Shinah spent her entire life on the straight, “proper” path. She went to an Ivy League college, then a prestigious Law School then worked her butt off in a big international law firm. But, after one…

Elisabeth Young

ELISABETH YOUNG and Cami Monet met in a stationery Facebook group in the fall of 2016. They bonded over the fact they had both gone full-time on the same day just a few weeks earlier, Sept. 16th! After building their friendship long-distance via text, DM, and Facetime, they decided to meet in person in Savannah,…

Claire White

CLAIRE WHITE started practicing pointed pen calligraphy in 2014, and her love for all things hand-lettered has continued to flourish since then. She can put calligraphy on just about anything. Claire has a special place in her heart for brides and being part of their big day, and, YES, she lives in Nashville, Tennessee –…

Cami Monet

Elisabeth Young and CAMI MONET met in a stationery Facebook group in the fall of 2016. They bonded over the fact they had both gone full-time on the same day just a few weeks earlier, Sept. 16th! After building their friendship long-distance via text, DM, and Facetime, they decided to meet in person in Savannah,…

Bill Kemp

BILL KEMP is a lettering artist, which has been practicing his craft for over 40. The pointed pen is his true love, but also does board edge lettering, too. Engrosser’s Script is a script that has really been his main focus for many years. Bill has studied with such instructors as the late Mr. Dick…

Becca Courtice

BECCA COURTICE is a modern calligrapher and instructor based in Ottawa, Canada. She started The Happy Ever Crafter Inc. in 2015 and has since grown a community of over 500,000 aspiring artists and art business owners all over the world. If you’re looking to learn new skills– both art and business– in a simple, fun,…

Andrea Reno

ANDREA ALVEREZ RENO was born in Honduras, Central America, where she started as a self-taught cake artist. Immediately upon graduating college with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Industrial Administration, she opened her first cake studio. Four years into the business she sought professional training which led her to obtain a Certification in Cake Designing…

Tamer Ghoneim

TAMER GHONEIM is a professional artist and instructor from Houston, Texas specializing in blackletter and gothic calligraphy styles including abstract designs and modern intrpretations. He has been featured on television, by online calligraphy and design organizations, and is an Artist INC Program alumni. In addition, his work has been internationally published and shown at art…

Our editor-in-chief

About Maureen Vickery

I’m Maureen Vickery, a professional calligrapher and the publisher and editor of Calligraphy Crush. I’ve formed life-long friendships with teachers and fellow students I’ve met at calligraphy workshops and conferences, guild meetings, and on social media. I love our calligraphy community! Many of these amazing artists have generously offered their insight and expertise to Calligraphy Crush readers.

I want you to get to know these mah-velous calligraphers plus many more who are also passionate about sharing their knowledge with fellow creatives.

Maureen Vickery