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Teela Cunningham

Teela Cunningham helps creatives build and monetize their digital skills through the art education site, Every Tuesday, which she runs alongside her web developer husband, Spencer. Offering hundreds of step by step tutorials and a library of digital assets and online courses, they aim to make digital art achievable for everyone. Now in their business’s 8th year, their YouTube channel has amassed over 20 million views and they are proud to have shared their knowledge with over 200k students globally.

Our Amazing Contributors

Harvest Crittenden

Issue 4: Calligraphy Studyguide

Jody Meese

Issue 7: Engraved Calligraphy

Linda Carol Gray

Issue 9: The Gift of Calligraphy

Erica McPhee

Issue 5: Shine with Design

Paul Antonio

Issue 8: Decorative Mail Art

Angela Welch

Issue 2: Crafty Calligraphers

F. Phyllis Macaluso

Issue 8: Decorative Mail Art

Angela McLeod

Issue 9: The Gift of Calligraphy

Traci Thompson

Issue 6: Pointed Pen Play

Dionne Christiansen

Issue 1: Flourishing on Social Media

Grace Edmands

Issue 9: The gift of Calligraphy

Brenna Jordan

Issue 9: The Gift of Calligraphy

Holly Monroe

Issue 4: Calligraphy Studyguide

Laurie Pearson

Issue 9: The Gift of Calligraphy

Nicole Black

Issue 9: A Gift of Calligraphy

Kestrel Montes

Issue 3: Brush with Excellence

Kalo Chu

Issue 3: Brush with Excellence

Maureen Vickery

Issue 9: The Gift of Calligraphy

Our Editor-In-Chief

Meet Maureen Vickery

Maureen Vickery

Maureen Vickery, the publisher and editor of Calligraphy Crush, is a professional wedding calligrapher with PenDance Studio. She specializes in pointed pen styles, and teaches pointed pen, brush lettering, and handwriting workshops. Maureen has studied with almost all the IAMPETH Master Penmen, the incomparable Sheila Waters, and numerous crazy-talented instructors at international conferences and local workshops. The life-long friendships she has formed with teachers and fellow students have been a huge blessing both personally and professionally, and many have generously contributed their insight and expertise to Calligraphy Crush readers.

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