Buron Emmanuel - headshot

Emmanuel Buron

Emmanuel Buron, a Ladner resident from DR Congo, ignited his passion for calligraphy at age 12 by showcasing his remarkable handwriting on classmates’ blackboards. Before moving to Canada, he explored diverse professions, including hairdressing, fashion, and graphic design.

Upon receiving an iPad in 2018, Emmanuel delved into calligraphy, initially facing criticism but persisting with inspiration from Luc Saucier’s gothic textura in “ABC Canada.” Driven by a desire for swift improvement, he attended workshops and drew inspiration from German calligraphers like Rudolf Koch.

For Emmanuel, calligraphy transcends public recognition; it’s a joyful expression of unique letterforms and artistic creativity. His dedication intertwines with his faith, with Bible verses inspiring his practice.

Beyond calligraphy, Emmanuel avidly collects vintage ruling pens, amassing a captivating treasure trove. Calligraphy is not just a hobby; it’s Emmanuel’s profound passion, a genuine expression of his identity.