Issue 22 – Extravagant Letters

Step into a world where letters transcend their conventional roles, transforming into mesmerizing works of art in this spectacular edition of Extravagant Letters! Discover how historic lettering styles can be reimagined and infused with your own unique flair, empowering you to craft designs that captivate and inspire. Immerse yourself in a showcase of unparalleled creativity as internationally-renowned calligraphers and hand lettering virtuosos unveil their masterpieces. From delicate vine-like embellishments to majestic diamond-shaped flourishes, each stroke exudes elegance and sophistication, inviting you to explore the limitless possibilities of lettering design. Whether you’re a seasoned calligrapher or a budding enthusiast, Extravagant Letters beckons you to elevate your craft to new heights. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to explore the artistry of extravagant letters and embark on a journey of creative exploration.

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Meet Our Cover Artist – Monika Fällman
Monika Fällman finds joy in the tactile beauty of paper crafts and calligraphy. After she started posting her lettering on Instagram in August 2020, she captivated the calligraphy community with her masterful exploration of diverse lettering styles. Her followers eagerly anticipate each enchanting masterpiece she shares with the world.

Cadel Initials: True or False? – Vivian Mungall
If you love solving mazes and puzzles, then you will love designing Cadel initials. Cadels are unique in that there is no standard letter form. Popular in the 15th century, Cadels are decorative initials used in medieval formal documents such as charters, endowments, patents, treaties, and government records.

Pretty Paisley Letters – Cecilia Boschi
Cecilia Boschi’s fusion of calligraphy and paisley motifs creates a harmonious blend of text and imagery, and demonstrates the versatility of the paisley motif in ornamental lettering, decorative borders, and wedding monograms.

Modern Ornamental Initials: A New Approach – Kathy Milici
How do you design a workshop that appeals to both beginning and seasoned calligraphers? Kathy Milici knows how to mix the right amount of beginner-friendly fun with advanced tricks and tips, making every student feel like they’re on a thrilling journey of creativity and discovery.

Pointed Pen, Paper, and Passion for Perfection – Gaganpreet Singh Marwaha
What started out as a quest to learn Copperplate turned into a healing process for Indian calligrapher Gaganpreet Singh Marwaha.

An Intricate Dance of Vines – Karla Hamilton
White Vine illumination, or Bianchi Girari, is a manuscript style featuring letters and borders decorated with elaborate vine-like embellishments, stylistic leaves and flowers. To draw this style, you need to understand how the vines grow, move, branch, wind, weave, and spread out in space. The goal is a design with graceful, organic energy, which makes White Vine exciting to look at.

Inspiration Gallery – Bailey Amon Rivera, Evelyn Wong, Felicia Tan, Nina Tran, Stefano Pedruzzi

Preserving Tradition, Inspiring Innovation: The Calligraphy Masters Legacy – Milen Balbuzanov
Wonder what it takes to become a Calligraphy Master? Lettering artist Milen Balbuzanov founded Calligraphy Masters to celebrate artists who dedicate their lives to mastering calligraphy, hand lettering, and sign writing.

How to Paint the Floral M – Monika Fällman
Follow along as I demonstrate my process for drawing and painting the Floral M cover art.

Tangling Meets Lettering – Anica Gabrovec
The adventure of drawing Embedded Letters is that you never know exactly how they are going to look until you finish. Drawing these monograms is a fun, relaxing experience with endless design outcomes.

DIY Candle Lamps – Loredana Zega
Illuminate your space with the enchanting glow of paper candle lamps adorned with graceful calligraphic strokes. Chances are you already have all the materials around your house and studio to make one!

Take Care of Your Hands – Kathy Milici
As a professional calligrapher and teacher for many years, I have always been vigilant about taking care of my hands. Somewhere in my mind, I’ve always had an underlying concern about sustaining a permanent injury, knowing that if I ever hurt my hands, it would be the end of my career (and love of writing) for good. Scary thought.

Calligraphy as Meditation – Margaret Shepherd
Take your calligraphy to the next level with meditation; take your meditation to new depths with calligraphy.

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