Issue 19 – Artful Journaling

Artful Journaling features calligraphers and hand lettering artists who design creative journals and sketchbooks to record their travels, favorite quotes, musings and ideas for fun, mental health, and spiritual well-being.

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Meet Our Cover Artist – Janet Takahashi
Janet Takahashi’s creative pursuits include artful journaling, travel sketching, signage design, fine hand calligraphy, and gilding interior spaces. Her illustrations have a relaxed, whimsical flair, drawing you in to enjoy the details as you read her hand-lettered musings and experience the ambiance of the places portrayed in her illustrations.

Memory Journal Pages – Lindsey Bugbee
From sketchbook pages that commemorate significant days to personalized baby books filled with delicate strokes of ink, calligraphy has the power to transform ordinary memories into cherished keepsakes.

Journals: The Artist’s Retreat – Wendy Solganik
Why do I think art journaling is beneficial? Because the focus is on the creative process rather than the end result. You can cut loose and let go of the perfectionist pressure that goes along with being a calligrapher with a capital C.

Sacred Sketches: Bible Journaling – Joanne Fink & Megan Wells
Ready to embark on a colorful adventure of self-expression and spiritual connection? Bible journaling is a creative outlet for expressing one’s faith through hand lettering, calligraphy, and illustrating reflections on God’s word.

Art Journal Inspiration Gallery – Samantha Dion Baker, Andrea Joseph, Lucia Leyfield
Explore the sketchbooks of three artists who make drawing and lettering a daily practice.

Journal Theme Ideas – Maureen Vickery
Need ideas for journal themes? We provide 65 prompts to give you a jumping-off point for your next journal.

Ink-Cyclopedia: A Chromatic Journal – Newsha Nami
Newsha Nami has a methodical way of swatching and exploring an ink’s qualities. She shares the fun of playing with tools and mediums without having the pressure of creating artwork with them.

Best Journals & Sketchbooks – Jess Greenleaf
Jess Greenleaf went on a sketchbook odyssey to find the perfect match for her style and methods. She shares what she learned, how she determined which sketchbook was right for her, and ultimately which one she chose.

Binding Loose Pages – Janet Takahashi
When you sketch on single sheets of paper rather than a bound journal, it gives you the freedom to select a variety of papers to work on (hot press, cold press, colored sheets, lined sheets, etc.). You can take only a few sheets with you when you are out and about, saving space in your sketch kit.

Personalized Exposed Book Binding – Jennifer Bates
B‌‌inding a book together with a Coptic stitch is useful because it is flexible and durable, and allows the book to lie flat when opened.

Single Sheet Meander Journal – Shelley Prior
The meander journal is an informal, inexpensive journal useful for sketching, recording notes, or testing paints and inks. “Meander” means that the pages don’t necessarily turn the way an ordinary sketchbook does. Instead, it takes unexpected turns, offering different page sizes and orientations to write or paint on. One 22”x 30” sheet of watercolor paper will make one meander journal.

Watercolor Papers 101 – Kathy Milici
Choosing the best watercolor paper option for your calligraphy projects can be a tad confusing due to so any available options and brands. Once you understand the basics of manufacturing, weights, and finishes, you’ll be able to select the best option for your journals, cards, and commission work.

The Perfect Companion for Aspiring Copperplate Artists – Christen Turney
Copperplate Calligraphy Practice Book, published by Ulysses Press, makes learning Copperplate calligraphy approachable and frankly, just so much fun.

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