Issue 18 – Watercolor Wonders

Watercolor Wonders explores how calligraphers use watercolors for lettering and illustration.

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Meet Our Cover Artist – Allison McCallahan
Allison McClanahan is sought after by wedding clients for her whimsical style of combining cheerful watercolor illustrations with traditional calligraphy. Having only started her artistic endeavors about five years ago, she now runs a booming invitation business from her serene and spacious studio in Utah.

Fraktur Folk Art – Donna Selfridge Spangler
Fraktur, a Pennsylvania German folk art from the 1750s, began as a beautiful artistic way for families to record special events, such as births and weddings.

Fraktur Exemplar – Tamer Ghoneim
Fraktur is a true gem of the calligraphic world, with its intricate curves and angular details that make it both elegant and distinct. Download an exemplar to try your hand at this script!

Enchanting Watercolor Crests – Alex Schwenke
Watercolor crests are wildly popular for wedding logos. Alex Schwenke, a graphic designer, stationer, and watercolor artist, shares how she designs logos that her clients use on stationery and papergoods for their weddings and ever after.

More Watercolor Wonders: Inspiration Gallery – Kristen Ramos, Sally McBride, Jessie Gibbons, Lexi DeConti, Connie Furgason

Fun with Flower Frogs – Laurie J. Pearson
Do you enjoy hunting for vintage treasures at garage sales and antique markets? If so, you’ll want to keep your eyes out for these useful objects for your calligraphy studio.

Watercolor Lettering with a Paintbrush – Maureen Vickery & Laurie Pearson
Lettering with paintbrushes can be trickier to learn than lettering with brush markers. However, it’s a skill worth acquiring. Think of all the brushes, inks, paints, and surfaces available for your lettering adventures! And if you love painting watercolor illustrations, then adding lettering to your art will up the charm factor.

Graceful Lace Envelope
After attending Kathy Milici’s Hopelessly Romantic Envelopes class, I was inspired to design my own vintage-style lace envelopes.

Hidden Message Card
With a few simple cuts and some paper weaving, you can create a magical message card with places for secret messages and cute decorations. So gather your card stock, decorative paper, stickers, stamps, and calligraphy supplies, and let’s have fun!

Tamer Ghoneim – Don’t Get Lost in Space-ing
If you’re a fan of studying classic styles and understanding foundational concepts of lettering, then you’re in for a treat. Drawing correct letterforms is our first challenge, but achieving proper spacing between letters is the next skill to focus on.

Prep a New Watercolor Palette
Who doesn’t love a brand-spanking-new palette to mix watercolors on? The bad news is the beading problem that occurs with most new palettes. But I’ve got a solution for you!.

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