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Lordana Zega

Loredana Zega, a Slovenian calligrapher, has nurtured her passion for calligraphy for over 26 years, inspired by her family’s tradition of receiving beautifully calligraphed greeting cards. Her journey began with self-study after she acquired her first calligraphy pen. Striving for perfection, Loredana meticulously practiced using templates and fonts, honing her skills through dedication and self-discipline.

Transitioning from a hobby to a profession at the age of 21, Loredana ventured into teaching calligraphy and writing exercise books. Her pursuit of excellence led her to pursue formal education in calligraphy, culminating in earning the English National Diploma in Calligraphy from The Calligraphy Lettering Art Society (CLAS) in London. Through teaching, exhibiting, and working with private clients globally, Loredana has established herself as a respected figure in the calligraphy community.

Loredana finds joy in live performances that integrate her passions for theatre, dance, and singing. Notable projects include creating large inscriptions in Rennes, France, and producing a musical dedicated to renowned calligrapher Jean Larcher. Nature serves as her primary inspiration, reflected in her artistry that embodies freedom and gratitude. With dreams of staging her musical in grand theaters and creating monumental calligraphy pieces on high-rise facades, Loredana’s artistic journey continues to evolve with each calligraphy stroke on paper.