Biswas Anindita - Headshot

Anindita Biswas

Anindita Biswas is an Indian Calligrapher based in Pune. She discovered her passion for calligraphy 3 years ago and found her artistic calling in the intricacies of Text and Bird Flourishing, Penmanship, as well as Illumination & Gilding. Despite being a newcomer in the field, Anindita was fortunate to have her work continuously featured by IAMPETH, Calligraphy Masters, and The Flourish Club. She also has the honor of becoming a Calligraphy Masters Crew member within one and a half years of starting her calligraphy journey. She was a part of IIM Bangalore NSRSEL Women’s Startup Program, underscoring the remarkable trajectory of her artistic journey. Besides Calligraphy, She has been an experienced Engineer, and an avid traveler who has travelled and lived in 14 countries until now. She currently works full-time as a Travel Manager. She speaks six languages and is a 17-year trained Indian Classical Vocalist. Currently, Anindita is pursuing a diploma in Graphic Design and Motion Graphics, to add a dynamic layer to her creative journey. She recently ventured into starting a Podcast called ‘Calligraphy Artists Club Podcast’ with her co-host Somaiyeh Dashtee where they pour out their hearts with love and passion for calligraphy and art.