Merwe Andrew van der - head shot

Andrew van der Merwe

Andrew van der Merwe is a professional calligrapher and letter artist. The scope of his work ranges from traditional illuminated addresses to commercial lettering, and from calligraphic art to period movie props – anything that involves skilled writing. His clients include some of the country’s top design agencies, Parliament, and the City of Cape Town, for whom he has written and illuminated Freedom of the City scrolls for Nelson Mandela as well as for Michelle and Barack Obama.

Andrew is also a pioneer of a new art form he calls beach calligraphy. He can often be found carving calligraphy on the Cape beaches using an interesting array of homemade tools. Sun, water, sand, and wind are strong themes in his work, as are old African writing systems which he plays with in an asemic way. He also has a predilection for carving patterns and people’s names.