Susan Lui

Long haired brunette woman at a desk writing calligraphy

SUSAN LUI is from Singapore and has been practising and teaching calligraphy for several years. She particularly enjoys calligraphy in traditional scripts such as Copperplate, Spencerian, Italic, Uncial, Gothicized Italic, and more. She enjoys learning new scripts and techniques and combining different script styles into a single artwork. Susan also enjoys delving into the medieval…

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Tamer Ghoneim

TAMER GHONEIM is a professional artist and instructor from Houston, Texas specializing in blackletter and gothic calligraphy styles including abstract designs and modern intrpretations. He has been featured on television, by online calligraphy and design organizations, and is an Artist INC Program alumni. In addition, his work has been internationally published and shown at art…

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Issue 11 – Broad Strokes In Calligraphy

“Broad Strokes in Calligraphy” features artists who blend historic broad pen hands with contemporary pointed pen scripts to create stunning compositions. We also share the work of three internationally-renowned calligraphers who have interpreted Romans, Foundational, Blackletter, and Uncial with pointed pen, creating exciting styles you will want to add to your repertoire. Meet our Cover…

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