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Anica Gabrovec

Anica’s interest in arts and crafts started in 2005 when she made her first set of wire Christmas ornaments, which sparked her interest in jewelry making. Despite her passion, after a while, she set aside her creative endeavors to pursue her career in corporate finance. In late 2015, her creative flame reignited when she discovered the Zentangle® method. Initially, Anica turned to tangling as a means of stress relief, eventually sharing her creations online under the moniker Zen Linea.

Three years later, Anica’s dedication to Zentangle was recognized when she was awarded a scholarship from the Zentangle Foundation® to attend the Certified Zentangle Teacher Seminar, achieving CZT 32 certification in 2018. This pivotal moment served as a catalyst for change, prompting her to leave behind her corporate career, establish her own small business, and finally start teaching online in 2020. Today, she conducts classes and actively engages with her audience through social media and her website. To explore Anica’s creative world further, visit her website at