Rivera Bailey Amon

Bailey Amon Rivera

Bailey Amon Rivera is a creative entrepreneur who is passionate about calligraphy, art, and anything handmade. She lives and works in the beautiful, historic town of Littleton, Colorado with her husband, daughter, and two kitties. As a professional calligrapher, designer, and textile artist, Bailey infuses her diverse background into her craft with passion and precision, weaving together threads of creativity to transform blank canvases into captivating works of art.

Co-founding Antiquaria in 2010 with Emma James, they embarked on a journey to redefine stationery, blending vintage charm with a modern aesthetic to create a line of cheerful designs that include greeting cards, patches, pins, stickers, and embroidery kits. At Antiquaria, Bailey skillfully leverages her various calligraphy styles across a wide range of products, providing her with the perfect opportunity for continuous learning and growth. From crafting intricate lettering for their acclaimed greeting cards to designing fonts, logos, and monograms, her designs grace shelves across the globe.

Bailey’s fascination with the past fuels her exploration of historical illumination techniques. In her illuminated panels, she weaves a narrative of our modern era and bridges the gap between antiquity and modern sensibilities with her unique aesthetic. Her commitment extends beyond mere creation; she has been learning to craft and utilize more of her own materials, ensuring a deeper connection to her work. With each project, Bailey’s creations emerge from a tapestry of inspiration, are deeply meaningful, and leave her with a quest for further discovery.