Wong Evelyn - headshot

Evelyn Wong

Evelyn Wong is a calligrapher/ lettering artist based in Toronto, Canada. She loves sharing her passion for lettering with the calligraphy community with the hope of inspiring others to create and write as well. Evelyn started her calligraphy journey since 2015 and has studied both pointed pen and broad edge calligraphy and has learnt the art of gilding from renowned calligraphers, including Master Penman Rosemary Buczek, Master Penman Harvest Crittenden, and Toni Watts. Apart from being drawn to the beauty and never ending knowledge of calligraphic art and lettering, she believes that art of calligraphy is able to bring calm amongst the midst of chaos we might have in our daily lives. When she’s not teaching or working on a custom piece, you’ll find her out and about looking for inspiration for her next intricate design. She has taught workshops in Hong Kong and online workshops and was an IAMPETH Virtual Instructor in 2023.