Marwaha Gaganpreet Singh-headshot

Gaganpreet Singh Marwaha

Gaganpreet Singh Marwaha is from Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, India. He started his calligraphy journey in March 2021 . He always was attracted to beautiful script, since both his mother and grandmother had beautiful handwriting, so naturally he had a good cursive from the start. But in the year 2020 he was not well so needed something that could make him feel better. On a random quest to improve handwriting he came across Bernice (@Bernice_letterandthings) YouTube video where he came to know about Copperplate and so his calligraphy journey began. Her beautiful script captivated me and I wanted to do the same. I came across Spencerian and bird flourishing in June 2021 and haven’t stopped since then. Calligraphy has been truly a healing process for him!