Shepherd Margaret Headshot 1

Margaret Shepherd

Margaret Shepherd is a professional calligrapher, author, and educator. Throughout her 55-year career, Margaret’s calligraphy is currently featured in the collection of the Smithsonian Museum, and the Rare Books Department of the Boston Public Library, and has previously been featured inside multiple colleges and law firms. She has taught workshops and given live calligraphy demonstrations to artists across the world, stemming from Boston to Uzbekistan.

Margaret’s upcoming book, Learn American Calligraphy (Skyhorse, 3/4/24) is a fascinating guide to the history, culture, and design of calligraphy in America. This book takes you on a visual trip not only around the United States but around the world, learning how to calligraph in multiple styles on the way. 

Margaret learned to draw in early grade school from a local artist, who she acknowledges as one of her biggest influences. As her parents recognized her talents early on and encouraged her to continue, she admired the illustrations of British writer and literary scholar, C.S Lewis.

Ever since discovering calligraphy, Margaret has developed a deep appreciation for presenting words in ways that help people see more meaning in them. She enjoys the repetitive nature of seeing the letters take shape one by one, again and again, almost like a meditation. This inspired Margaret to begin teaching calligraphy, striving to make it clear and simple for beginners. She aims to extend her passion to others, in hopes they will experience similar meditative benefits and the art form of calligraphy.

Today, Margaret is based in Boston, Massachusetts, where she begins every morning reading the New York Times on paper, followed by writing as a mental stretching exercise. Connect with Margaret at and @ShepherdScribe on Instagram.