Pedruzzi Stefano headshot

Stefano Pedruzzi

Stefano Pedruzzi is an Italian artist from Bergamo, born in August 1994, whose artistic journey began with the dynamic world of graffiti at the age of 13. The streets served as his first canvas and classroom, teaching him invaluable lessons in design, proportion, and the importance of manual dexterity. Through his urban art experiences, Stefano developed key personal traits such as ambition and dedication, which would later underpin his professional ethos.

As his artistic interests evolved, Stefano’s focus shifted from the bold colors of street art to the intricate structure of letters. This transition marked the beginning of his fascination with calligraphy, a discipline that brought a new sense of revelation to his work. The transformation from graffiti to calligraphy involved a change in tools and mediums, with ink and paper replacing spray paint and concrete, but his passion for exploring the anatomy of letters remained constant.

Stefano’s academic background in Communication Design further solidified his commitment to the art of lettering. His work now embodies a blend of his early graffiti influences and his profound appreciation for the purity of calligraphic forms, showcasing a unique artistic identity that bridges his past experiences with his current creative pursuits.