Find Your Unique Lettering Style

Sometimes, all it takes to find a lettering style unique to you is thinking outside the box and experimenting with new ways to letter. Use the exercises below as a way to jumpstart your brain into coming up with even more lettering experiments to try!

Try a New Pen

Sometimes all it takes to nail down your signature style is finding your perfect pen. The bigger a pen’s tip the more thick and wide your lettering will be. Smaller pens create skinny and thin letters. Try a variety of pen types to see what works best for you.

Play with Slanting

Slanting your letters can signigicantly change the style of your lettering. Traditional calligraphy is slanted at a 55˚ angle, but try lettering with slant at all or at an extreme angle to find what’s most comfortable for you.

Experiment with Different Crossbars

Crossbars are the horizontal strokes across the middle of letters like capital A or H and lowercase t. Below is an example of a few dierent ways to cross a capital A. Notice how simply changing the crossbar can go a long way towards creating a unique style for your lettering.

Change up Your Letter Style

The easiest way to change up the look of your lettering is to mix in a new lettering style. There are three main styles of lettering to choose between: Sans Serif, Serif, and Script. My favorite way to play with the look of my lettering is to mix and match between the three, sometimes within the same word!

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