Issue 12 – Rock Your Handwriting

Beautiful penmanship is universally admired and a worthwhile accomplishment at any age. You'll find handwriting styles to inspire you, ideas for making penmanship an enjoyable daily habit, and tips on teaching handwriting to children.

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Meet our Cover Artist - Anne Elser

A‌nne Elser’s unique lettering style combines her love ‌of cursive handwriting, pointed pen, florals, and flourishing into what she terms decorative lettering.

American Cursive Handwriting - An Interview with Marie Hornback

Marie Hornback is a certified American Cursive instructor who teaches handwriting to third through sixth graders at a classical elementary academy in Fort Collins, Colorado. I asked her about her methods for teaching handwriting to children and how one can become a certified American Cursive handwriting instructor.

Modern Handwriting: An Adventure in Options - Jonathan Dubay

Choosing a handwriting style might seem to be a big commitment, like going to the gym rather than the mall. But with a mindset that you can explore options as you write, you will personalize your own handwriting and find a comfortable fit — guaranteed.

Akim: A Heartfelt Hand - Julie Wildman

A‌kim Cursive is a lovely, gentle writing style that is ‌said to replicate the rhythm of the human heart.

Advantages of Handwriting Fluency

If you ever need to convince teachers or school administrators that teaching handwriting is advantageous to children’s education and academic development, then the list of research articles will help.

Handwriting Daily: Ready, Set, Write! - Maureen Vickery

If you want to mindfully use handwriting to enrich someone’s life or your own, then these ideas will get your favorite pens flowing.

Sketchnoting on a Grand Scale: A Peek into the Life of a Visual Practitioner - an Interview with Heather Leavitt Martinez

Would you like to flex your handwriting, drawing, and creative thinking skills at the corporate level? Then working as a visual practitioner may be for you!

Pretty Practice Pages - Jennifer Bishop

Jennifer shows you an example of how she designs a page layout for handwriting practice in her dot journal.

Fountain Pen Primer: an Interview with Dr. Joseph T. Vitolo

Dr. Joe Vitolo’s mission is to inspire people to pick up a pen and write, whether it’s for everyday handwriting or stately Engrossers Script. He is an avid fountain pen collector, so I asked him to share some tips for those who want to start collecting and using fountain pens.

Handwriting Success iPad App

The Handwriting Success™ App allows users to access all the Getty-Dubay® Italic handwriting books in a digital format in one place, from virtually anywhere in the world. It’s a handwriting curriculum at the touch of a button.

Lynn Slevinsky's Mixed-Up Monoline

This alphabet was designed for Lynn’s card-making students who were not calligraphers but wanted to add lettering to their cards.

Write Like an Architect - Erica McPhee

Learning to write like an architect can transform your handwriting and be used not just for the mundane everyday grocery list but for envelope addressing, journaling, card making, or notating the author on a calligraphed art piece.

Interview with Shannan Inman of Paperglaze

Shannan Inman never saw herself as someone who would own a thriving small business. She started calligraphy as a hobby then serendipity led to selling prints on Etsy, lettering for weddings, and teaching calligraphy. I asked Shannan to share her journey from hobbyist to happy, successful entrepreneur.

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